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Who We Are

Launched in 2020, Charity Bucket enables donors to find causes to help make the world a better place. Our easy to use website helps donors to navigate through tickets created by people in need. Charity bucket is the first and foremost website focusing on raising funds or requesting volunteers for causes here in Sri Lanka.

Individuals can simply fill an online form ( click here for form ) with all the details of the cause and submit. These requests will then be reviewed by the administrative staff of the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School. After careful review, the requests will then be uploaded to the website as tickets for the contributors to see. Contributors can navigate the list of tickets and attend tickets they want to be a part of. The owner of the ticket can then contact the contributors and finalize the details and mark the ticket as “Attending”, making the ticket no longer visible. Once the ticket is complete, the ticket owner can mark the ticket as “Closed”

What We Do



More than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. That’s 17 percent of the world’s adult population.

Our aim is to reduce this number by connecting the less fortunate with volunteers willing to commit to teaching and improving their literacy


Environmental Preservation

Sri Lanka is losing trees faster than ever. This has threatened the lives of more than 70 species in Sri Lanka. With rising CO2 emissions, forests need to be preserved in order to reduce global warming.

We hope to connect eager volunteers with organisations that focus on preserving the natural ecosystem of Sri Lanka.



We are accepting second-hand clothes in good shape or money donation


Community Development

The estimated labour force participation rate is 51.0% and unemployment rate is 5.7% for first quarter 2020.With rising inflation rates, communities need to be developed in order to thrive and support their family.

We aim to connect donors or volunteers with the poverty-stricken families in order to uplift their quality of life.


Water Purification

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life. When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly.

We aim to connect communities that do not have access to clean water with possible donors who are willing to support them by building clean water extraction systems


Conflict Resolution

By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships. We hope tor educe the gap between different races.

Our projects take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.

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